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This week was really informative, because I haven’t used a lesson plan format like the BSCS 5E one before. The five category format is really a great way of thinking about the process of an entire lesson, which on any given day of teaching can get altered or blurred together. This was a straightforward way of thinking about the steps of a lesson, and seems like a great guide for inquiry based learning. I think teachers often forget or tend to push through the “exploration” portion of a lesson, due to time constraints, assessments, and other required and necessary parts of a school day. I know I can be guilty of this. Unfortunately, it has become so apparent to me that while we sometimes rush through or don’t allow our students their own time to explore and discover, it is the most important and meaningful part of a lesson to them.

Quite a few things have changed over the past week, because I came up with so many new ideas about transferring the Web 2.0 tools we explored into actual workable lessons and activities in my classroom. Sometimes they seem great in theory, but exploring the websites and reading the ideas and feedback of others really allowed me to see how I could use a variety of these tools with my students. So the “change” that occurred was definitely the chance I got to develop ideas about implementing some of these tools, and how I can use the 5E structure to help guide a very real inquiry based learning lesson.

Last week I mentioned how I was questioning how to fit assessment into this type of learning, and this week answered a lot of those questions. I felt confident about completed projects, presentations, labs, etc. being appropriate summative assessments. Fortunately, this week gave me some great ideas about how formative assessment fits in on a daily basis and within a lesson. Additionally, I have some great ideas about formative assessment Web 2.0 tools that are useful, so combined with traditional conferences, discussions, and observations, I have some great new ideas and understandings about formative assessment fitting into inquiry based learning.

I don’t have many burning questions for next week, but I am looking forward to our sites being finished, and seeing which direction everyone chose to go with their units. I have some great ideas for social studies and science in the upcoming years as we shift to the NGSS.


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