Digital Board

The digital board I created was for a story that we read together in grade 3 called “How My Family Lives in America”. The story is about three children who have parents who came from another country. They are exposed to different languages, foods, and traditions. They all live in different cities in parts of the United States. The story is an amazing way to have students relate to other cultures from around the world. The students in the story are just like them, but they are also so different. The story creates three characters that are relatable and interesting to read about. The students in my classroom this past year were shocked and amazed at some of the things that people around the world do differently than us, just from reading this story.

I think that the story paired with the glog will be a wonderful way to help foster my students’ respectful and ethical minds. They are getting the chance to not just read about the stories of the children we meet in the book, but go deeper into understanding and learning about other cultures. The glog has an introduction about America being a melting pot, and then it has three sections that have links, videos, and images that will allow us to learn more about each of the places we learned about in the story. In addition, the quiz I created links together the ideas from the book and from the discussion and glog presentation, but asking some comprehension questions as well as some short answer opinion questions. Getting to learn about just these three different places is just scratching the surface in terms of expanding more respectful and ethical minds within the classroom, but teaching students whenever we can to understand and respect the differences, cultures, and decisions of others is a step toward fostering their ethical and respectful minds.

Though this is a specific example of a lesson that teaches about other cultures, I think that digital boards like this can be used in amazing ways to help foster the growth of respectful and ethical minds in our students. The boards allow so many resources to be laid out in an easily accessible and fun way, which makes for a great platform to have a whole class work together, present to other grades, teach peers, or create cooperative group projects. The ways we can use these digital boards on our own, as a whole group, or in small groups all have potential to expand and build upon our students’ ethical and respectful minds.