I chose to “clip” about the solar system because in 3rd grade we concentrate a lot on this topic. We go on two field trips that help us learn about the solar system. I use Discovery Education to organize and store a lot of my resources for the unit, but this is a great way to organize different resources from other places than Discovery Ed. I really like the icons that identify what kind of resource each “clip” is. When I’m on Pinterest and I click on a picture I get frustrated if it’s a video when I expected an article, a picture when I expected a recipe, a dead end link when an image really caught my eye, etc.  I love knowing exactly what type of resource I’m getting when I click here. I appreciate this being simple educational resources. I can create boards and easily bring it up in my classroom to click through a board about the solar system, fractions, or writing ideas, without students getting a social media feel. In addition, I really enjoy scrolling through resources and not having to think of a million topics at once. This site is a nice change of pace that allows me not to be distracted by “DIY Stainless Steel Cleaner”, “10 Great Core Exercises”, or “Delicious Recipes for Summer” pins when I’m looking for educational resources.


Erin 🙂


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