Writing Prompt


I chose to create a fun writing prompt because this past year while preparing for the NJ ASK, I felt that my students really enjoyed me allowing them to be super creative with their writing. Many of our test prep prompts were a little unoriginal, and I felt like it was important to incorporate topics that were interesting, new, and fun to them. I also chose a narrative prompt because in the 3rd grade Common Core Standards, third graders are required to be proficient in so many different aspects of the writing process, and it’s easy for them to get off track when creating stories with their own details.  I was also relatively specific about what my students would need to include, because I feel that a lot of young writers in early elementary school still need that guidance or structure. Writing is one of my favorite things to teach, so I knew I wanted to create a picture prompt when I saw the assignment. I used a picture from one of my island adventures in Hawaii to spark some writing ideas for my students!